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The 12 Types of Man-imals You Meet in the Dating Jungle

The Wolf

His Focus is Romance and Sex

Aha, the sexy and romantic WOLF! These are the favorites of romance novels. An emotionally mature Wolf focuses his attention on making his woman feel loved and beautiful. He feels successful when she is responsive to his constant courtship. When you see a man in his 70s who still looks tenderly at his woman, holds her hand, opens her doors, remembers her birthday, and brings flowers…that’s the best kind of lover…a mature Wolf!

The emotionally immature Wolves are the heart breakers. So attractive, but love is just a numbers game to them. If you don’t’ believe you deserve real love, you may consistently attract the type of illusion an immature Wolf can provide. And you’ll constantly feel betrayed.

The Pit Bull

His Focus is Power & Control

Whenever you see a man in a leadership position, the one in charge, you’re seeing PIT BULL energy. An emotionally mature Pit Bull uses his power to care for and protect his followers. We say “thank you for your service” to men who put their life on the line for our freedom. Emotionally mature Pit Bull CEOs create loyal employees who are proud to work for the company.

At the other end of the spectrum, an emotionally immature Pit Bull can be dangerous when he believes he shows love through controlling you; telling you what to wear, who to have for friends, and how to behave, or doling out physical abuse. These are the men for whom women get restraining orders. Orders that the men often ignore in their belief they own you.

The Shark

His Focus is Financial Success

The SHARKS are the money makers. They are focused on financial success and feel good about themselves when they’re the top salesman in the office, have the latest Rolex watch or the biggest house on the block. Many women want the security and lifestyle that an emotionally mature Shark can provide.

An emotionally immature Shark can become a workaholic, or allow greed to numb his ability to feel empathy for others.

The Rhino

His Focus is Health & Fitness

The RHINOS are focused on physical fitness in its many forms. They go to the gym regularly, eat the right foods, and are self-disciplined. Body building, for example, can be seen as their art form.

An emotionally immature Rhino can get out of balance. He may turn to steroids to get the look he wants. Or he may make negative comments towards other men who don’t have the same focus on body building.

The Panther

His Focus is Artistic Expression

It's been said that a woman's best accessory is a well-dressed man. And no Man-imal does it better than a PANTHER! They often express their artistic nature though appearance, with unique and creative looks. They are drawn to careers such as interior design, architecture, or graphic design.

Most Panthers are born good-looking and may have received so much praise for their looks that they struggle to develop beyond an emotionally immature and shallow character.

The Monkey

His Focus is Adventure & Excitement

The MONKEYS are the adrenaline junkies. They love adventure and are exciting to be around. Stick with them as they backpack the world, downhill ski, or race in motor sports. Their engines are always running and it can be a fun ride.

But an emotionally immature Monkey can take it too far and risk too much in his craving for the rush of excitement. Some Monkeys even feel the “juice” when they take financial risks, such as gambling.

The Panda

His Focus is Fun & Friends

PANDAS can be SO fun! In general, they show a happy-go-lucky nature and are always ready to go-with-the-flow. They want to play or joke around all day. Because Pandas like people, they are usually happiest in social situations.

An emotionally immature Panda can become socially awkward when he feels uncomfortable, especially in tender or vulnerable situations. For example, he might make jokes at a funeral, to lighten the mood.

The Owl

His Focus is Intellectual Activities

The OWLS are the “brains”, the doctors, lawyers, professors, and computer nerds. Many women are attracted to Owls for their stimulating conversations. Or to the computer nerds for their quirky sense of humor.

Emotionally immature is another way of saying self-centered. An Owl can be totally in his own head and unaware of how others are feeling. He can fail to connect with others. Can you remember going to a doctor who didn’t listen to you, instead he just told you what to do?

The Lion

His Focus is Good Works

The LIONS want to improve the World and they will devote time to help at Habitat for Humanity, soup kitchens, or by participating in protest marches. An emotionally mature Lion gives his energy TOWARD the things he wants to improve. Martin Luther King is a good example.

An emotionally immature Lion also wants to improve the world, from a self-centered perspective. He feels “My vision of the world is the ONLY right one! Driven by Away From energy he may use tactics of belittling people who have different beliefs. Or creating conflict by playing one group against another to achieve his own ends. Some marketing campaigns may also fit in this category by shaming those who don’t join their cause.

The Gorilla

His Focus is Relationships

When you hear someone say, "He's such a sweetheart," they are probably talking about a Gorilla. They are easy-going, loving and accepting of the people around the. Gorillas connect with other people. They are observant of others' feelings and therefore don't usually make negative comments. Although they might see a "flaw" or two in their woman, Gorillas accept her as she is, and love her anyway -- without mentioning such things to her. The central characteristic of Gorillas is they are very tactile, and these men like to cuddle and touch. You are seeing "Gorilla action" when you see a man carrying a child in one arm while using the other hand to hold hands with his woman. 

The Crab

His Focus is Criticism

The Crabs are the critics of the world They avoid their fear of intimacy by pushing others away with their critical behavior. They look for the flaws in others and then comment on them in negative ways. Some people mistakenly believe that criticism is a form of "holding high expectations" and therefore is a good way to help people achieve their best. They are misguided in thinking that criticism is a form of encouragement to do better. Crabs suck out the confidence and self-esteem of others. Sometimes this is done to increase the Crab's own self-esteem by appearing superior, especially when the criticism is given to a peer or spouse.

The Rat

His Focus is Blaming Others

Rats rarely take ownership or accountability for their own behavior and the results they create. To them, their misfortune is always someone else's fault. As a child, he may have said he got a D grade because "the teacher didn't like him," or "she wasn't fair." Later, he lost his job because "the supervisor has it in for him." He can't get a raise because "the boss is a racial bigot." He can't afford a house because "the banks are run by the corrupt government," etc. Rats are the losers and criminals of the world. The prisons are full of men who "didn't do it." Even if they did, it was "the other guy's fault." The other guy started the fight. The woman they beat was "asking for it." 

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